Transition Team

Transition Team

SGBC Transition Team

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April 20, 2018

You were impressive! Look at this listing of creative suggestions and observations that you made. While we have a few pages of summary assimilated materials by subjects, we decided to see what you had suggested in your own words. You were great!

As you sort through the many pages you will not only see the great list of suggestions and ideas, but you will discern some clear "values" are driving these suggestions. Some of these we have marked just so you will be able to spot them. (For example, anyone looking at these suggestions could easily discern that the congregation values "outreach.")

What will happen in days ahead is that a small group will assimilate for you and present to you the insights from our previous March 25 Town Hall meeting and the information taken from the April 22 Town Hall meeting and begin to hammer out the framework for our forthcoming Vision. We hope, from these materials, to share proposals related to (1) Our Mission (mandate), (2) Our Motives (values), (3) Our Map (strategies), and (4) Our Measurements (specifically what we hope to accomplish). We hope to have these items accomplished in time for our next Town Hall meeting where we will be excited to see how very many gifts and experiences our congregation has to share with this community.

As we finalize these materials for your consideration, we are still hoping to have enough specific directions that in July we can request the deacons to appoint a Pastor Search Committee. Knowing what we sense God wanting us to do as a congregation will be helpful to a new potential pastor in considering whether or not he is a "fit" for our Kingdom Vision. It will also help us to sense whether he brings the skills and ability to guide us where we feel God is leading us over the next few years.

Respectfully, your Transition Team


Rick Beadles (C), Diane Camp, Michael Cole, Christie Cundiff, Donna Fulfer, Stacey Gove, Brandon Hubbard, Janice McMenamy, Al Palmer, Diana Parker, Ken Schweers, Max Smith, Natalie Wells, Pam Woodberry


Check back for date.

Report April 20

April 15
Our group will be attempting to clarify the church's Vision and Mission statement for the days ahead. A light meal will be provided.

April 8
What great responses to the March 25 Town Hall Meeting. The Transition Team will be printing the responses and sharing them with you. You will be impressed with yourselves. The next Town Hall Meeting is for us to work together from these items to provide a clear vision and mission statement for ourselves. More in e-letter and next week's bulletin.

March 25 Details
The Transition Team's focus will be "Coming to Terms with our Community" as we present the demographic shape of our neighborhoods and what they might need from us as a congregation. Look for a letter next week to remind you
We will provide a report back to you and then we will schedule another Town Hall meeting to discuss the gifts and abilities we already have in order to engage our community.