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Bible Study is a way to encourage intimacy, fellowship and learning within the congregation. Bible Study offers a place to connect with other believers in fellowship; to grow in understanding of the Bible, as Jesus did with the disciples; to meet the needs of others in your group in ministry; to become equipped for evangelism; and to worship God through practicing godly behavior.

You can choose from different formats and teaching styles to enhance your experience.

Bible Study? Why Do I Need That? I Can Study the Bible On My Own! Sound familiar? Maybe that's even what you're thinking right now. And yes, you can study the Bible on your own. In fact, you should! Personal Bible study is essential for deepening your relationship with God.

So why study with a group? Because we want you here with us! Join us at 10:10 am on Sunday mornings in the Bible Study of your choice.

The Bible is taught to every class each Sunday. Through High School, classes are divided by age. Adult classes are loosely based on age, but each class is open to anyone wanting to attend.